7 Best Massage Chair for Tall Person

Being tall comes with a lot of benefits. From having the edge over others at securing a job to even celebrating your holiday, “International Hug a Tall Person Day.” But in all these, you’re still faced with drawbacks. Yes, let’s bring it down to the massage chair for tall people here.

There’s always challenging to find the best comfortable furniture, but everything will be eased for you with thorough research. Today in this blog, we’ll look deeply into the best massage chair for tall person that are ideally made to either fit any height or for the tall. So, without any further ado, let’s get right into some best massage chairs for tall person;

Recommendations for Best Massage Chair for Tall Person

Below listed are the 8 best massage chair for tall person that we have researched, all you need to go through each of them and see what fits your requirements.

Osaki OS4000TA Massage Chair

Best Massage Chairs for Tall People
  • Zero Gravity Design
  • Computer Body Scan
  • Air Massage Technology
  • Wireless Controller
  • Six Unique Auto-programs
  • 5 Levels of Speed & Intensity
  • S-Track Movable Massage

If you consider purchasing a massage chair, Osaki OS4000TA is an excellent choice. This space-saving model has an impressive number of features. They feature an adjustable seat and backrests, three different shoulder and hip rest levels, and a heating system. Both tall and short people can use the chairs, and the smart-set feature can be set to target a specific area. The Osaki OS4000TA has several massage programs, each with its own set of settings and a Bluetooth connection, making them ideal for home use.

Osaki OS4000TA is a high-end massage chair that offers multiple massage options. It also has built-in speakers and a port for connecting your devices to your chair. Other features of this chair include a surprisingly low price, which makes it an excellent value for the money. You can make that purchase today here. The Osaki OS4000TA is also quite elegant-looking. It’s easy to set up and has an impressive warranty covering parts and labor.


  • Offers shoulder and hip massage
  • It has Multiple massage programs that can carry out.
  • The massage chair has an adjustable width.
  • Its vibrating seat targets a high region of the body.


  • The massage chair is heavyweight.
  • Not preferred for young users due to its high intensity.

iRest Massage Chair

Best Massage Chairs for Tall People
  • SL Track
  • AI Voice Control
  • Handrail Shortcut Key
  • 12 Automatic Massage Functions
  • Space Capsule Zero Gravity
  • Yoga Stretching Function
  • Auto Body Scan

The iRest is a high-end massage chair. This model features Five Massage Techniques, including finger pressing, kneading, tapping, and air pressure. It also has a Handrail Shortcut Key that controls the chair’s five features. These include on/off, voice wake-up, and auto mode. You can also choose from the air pressure, Zero Gravity, backrest lifting, and entire foot lift.

This high-tech massage chair has a unique four-wheel drive and can move forward and backward. It uses sensors to adjust to your back’s contours and shape automatically. The iRest is one of the few chairs that can mimic the sensation of several human hands massaging you at once. The iRest uses various motions to give you a truly customized massage. It is also available in multiple settings, including a pre-set pressure level.

The iRest massage chair can imitate human hands by kneading, flapping, holding, and compressing your back. This allows it to provide an award-winning massage experience. It also features airbags around your instep and calf area, which can be great for relieving sore muscles and aching legs. This device is also designed to be comfortable for most users, so you’ll enjoy a long-lasting massage.


  • It offers a full body massage
  • Premium materials used.
  • It Has accurate body scanning technology.


  • The massage chair isn’t effective at night as the controller buttons aren’t apparent in dim light.

Panasonic MA73 Massage Chair

Best Massage Chairs for Tall People
  • 6 Automatic Massage Programs
  • 110 manual combinations
  • 3D massage system
  • Multi-Directional Thermal Rollers
  • Thermal Foot Massage
  • Premium Luxury massage chair

A Panasonic MA73 massage chair is the next evolution of the company’s RealPro Ultra 3D mechanism, and it is designed to be both a recliner and a professional massage experience. It also features a hideaway arm massage unit and leg rest to provide an even more relaxing experience. It’s the next generation in Panasonic’s line of luxury recliners. Weighing in at just under $400, the MA73 offers a wide range of benefits, and we’ll discuss a few of them in this review.

The Panasonic MA73 is a full 3-D massage chair with an adjustable arm airbag system. The back rollers are heated, the ceramic feet are heated, and there are multiple stretching programs. It has been proven durable and long-lasting by those who’ve purchased one. It can last as long as 20 years with proper care. For these reasons, we recommend buying one from Amazon.com if you’re looking for a top-tier massage chair.

Another feature of the Panasonic MA73 is changing the intensity of the airbag compression. You can adjust the airbag intensity to your desired level. This is an essential feature if you’re looking for a massage that feels as close to an authentic massage as possible. With the ability to choose your desired level of intensity, the Panasonic MA73 is an excellent option for those who want a more customizable massage experience.


  • It Has a variety of body stretching programs.
  • Offers back and foot heat.


  • It Has no MP3 support.
  • The massage chair has no temperature control for heat function.
  • It Has no zero-gravity setting.

Infinity Iyashi Massage Chair

Best Massage Chairs for Tall People
  • Bluetooth Compatible Speaker
  • Ti Chi Massage Techniques
  • Lower Back Heat Therapy
  • Comes With Android App

The Infinity Iyashi massage chair is a tall person’s dream, with its 22-inch shoulder width and sleek design. The seat is ultra-comfortable and can help with reducing stress, which is a common affliction among older people. The ergonomic back support and lumbar support are perfect for chronic pain sufferers. The Zero Gravity buttons are a welcome addition to the remote, and the chair comes with a dedicated Android App.

The Infinity Iyashi also features a Bluetooth-compatible speaker system that can listen to music while you massage. The speakers in the Infinity Iyashi are Bluetooth-compatible, which means you can easily sync your cell phone. The only downside is that the Infinity Iyashi doesn’t have remote volume controls, so you’ll have to use your phone to control the volume. However, this feature is excellent for those who suffer from chronic lower back pain and want to enjoy the sounds of their favorite music.

Another great feature of the Infinity Iyashi is its music support, enhancing the overall massage experience. The chair’s Bluetooth-compatible speakers allow you to play music from your phone while you relax and work on your muscles. There are no volume controls on the remote, so you’ll have to manually adjust the volume on your phone. But, this isn’t a significant drawback. The Infinity Iyashi is a good option for anyone with chronic lower back pain. Aren’t these features not too cool to let go of? I know you’d say no, right. So why not purchase it from Amazon.com. Remember you’ll be given at a discounted price.


  • It comes with 6 auto massage programs
  • Offers a lower back heat therapy
  • It can be controlled with your mobile phone.


  • Price is relatively high.

Human Touch Novo XT Massage Chair

Best Massage Chairs for Tall People
  • L-Track Unibody Design
  • Extending Foot and Calf Massager
  • Built-In Bluetooth Speakers & USB
  • Cloud Touch Acupressure
  • Flex 3D Massage Technology
  • Lumbar Heat
  • Space-Saving Design
  • Full-Body Stretch

The Human Touch Novo XT massage chairs are unquestionably the best in their class. They offer therapeutic massages that are tailored to fit your lifestyle and preferences. The most impressive feature of these chairs is that they are customizable. Its unibody design provides a three-dimensional massage along the spine, down the thighs, and even down the legs. And, you can adjust the power of the massages to fit your needs.

One of this chair’s significant improvements over its predecessor is its ability to handle enormous weight. Although the Human Touch Novo XT can support people of 300 pounds, the Novo XT has a lower weight capacity. The Human Touch Novo enables users of various heights to relax in comfort. It also features an extended backrest perfect massage chair for tall people that can accommodate users between 5 and 6 feet tall. The chair comes ready for assembly and requires no tools.

Its superior technology, expert design, and innovative features make it a top-rated choice among consumers. So it’d be better you purchased these massage chairs from Amazon.com today as they’ll provide maximum comfort all through.


  • 5-year product warranty provided
  • It has an easy-to-use LCD
  • Made with an extensive range of pre-set massage programs.


  • Some users complained of the aggressive nature of the foot massaging technology.
  • It Has no headphones or headset port.
  • The price is hefty.

SGorri SG-5101 Massage Chair

Best Massage Chairs for Tall People
  • Stereo Bluetooth Speakers
  • 8 Massage Rollers
  • Zero Gravity & Air Massage
  • Can Be Used Without Installation
  • Radiates Heat of 40° to 50°

The Snorri SG-5101 is a full-sized massage chair. This high-quality chair is made of soft artificial leather and is user-friendly. Its four rollers read back and evenly distribute the user’s weight to give the ultimate massage experience. The seat of this model is fully adjustable and can be used for both men and women. A few of its features include a built-in timer and one-button operation.

This model features six massage techniques: Shiatsu, kneading, tapping, and padding. It has a built-in stereo Bluetooth and hidden Bluetooth speakers to provide soothing music. The chair also offers full-body air massage on the arms. It comes in one-piece packaging and is available in black and white. If you’re looking for an affordable massage chair, this is a great option for users looking for a massage chair for tall people.

The Snorri SG-5101 has two colors: blue and grey. You can install the chair yourself, and it comes with a warranty. It also comes with wheels for easy mobility. The unit can be used in a bedroom, office, or public area. The price is very competitive and is well worth the money. The Snorri GS-5101 Massage Chair is available for purchase online at Amazon.

The Snorri SG-5101 has many benefits. A reclining chair is a comfortable option that will give you a full-body massage. Its padded arms, adjustable back, and legs allow you to customize the experience. The reclining feature is ideal for those who love a little extra relaxation. The LCD gives you total control over the massage and includes a wireless remote for easy operation.


  • Quality massaging
  • It has a comfortable seating
  • It contains all essential features.


  • Bulky chair
  • It Has an extra setting for tall persons.

Kahuna LM-6800 Massage Chair

Best Massage Chairs for Tall People
  • Computer body scan technology
  • Three Zero Gravity Positions
  • 6 automatic massage programs
  • 4-rollers with L-track massage
  • Buttock Roller Massage
  • Quick Heating Technology
  • Yoga program stretches

The Kahuna LM-6800 is one of the most popular massage chairs on the market. This model is also known as the “universal” massage chair. Its unique design allows it to be used by people of all different heights and sizes, making it the ideal choice for people of all ages. This chair has a full-body track and is perfect for people who need a relaxing and effective massage.

The Kahuna LM-6800 massager is packed with massaging features, including a full-coverage L-track system. The chair has two colors to choose from, which is nice because it will match any decor in your home. The massaging nodes are also quite advanced. The Kahuna LM6800 has a massaging system that mimics the hand motions of a professional masseuse.

The LM6800 offers 12 auto massage programs, eight basic massage programs, and eight stretch programs. The machine is very user-friendly with an easy-to-use remote. It also has adjustable shoulder airbags and a head pillow. Its dual foot rollers will help you relax on a cold winter day. The Zero Gravity feature will give you a feeling of weightlessness, which will make you fall asleep faster!

It has various massage features and is an oversized chair, which can be a drawback. This massage chair has no controls for temperature and is very hard to place where you need it. A few of its other features make it an excellent choice for many users. The overall experience will make you happy you bought it. It is worth the money to invest in a new chair. Why not consider purchasing from Amazon today?


  • It Comes at a low price
  • It Has quick heat therapy for both the back and legs.
  • Six automatic programs.


  • It tends to be noisy while functioning.
  • Available in just one color.


In the end, it all boils down to this, what are the best massage chair for tall person? Well, the answer to this depends on the features you want and the price you’re willing to drop. But in this article, we answered all these for you. Remember, all these massage chair for tall people can be purchased from Amazon.com. So do well as to check them out today and shake off that lazy bones today!

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