3 Best Massage Chair for Pregnant Woman

Most of us are familiar with the benefits of massage chairs, but did you know that they can help you while you’re pregnant? During pregnancy, many women can feel a lot of stress. But a massage chair in pregnancy can also help you relax. This article will explain some of the benefits of massage chair during pregnancy. You can also learn about the best Best massage chair for pregnant woman for you. During pregnancy, using these chairs can ensure that your body is in the best shape possible.

In this article today, we’ll have an in-depth look at the massage chair for pregnant woman so called for expectant mothers, but before we do that, let’s have a look at some tips which will help you through the journey of acquiring one today!

Reasons Why I Need a Massage Chair During Pregnancy

Massage chairs when pregnant is an excellent way to relax your body and mind. Expectant mothers are often exhausted and stressed, and a massage chair will help ease back pain and cramps.

The heat from the massage chair will also improve blood circulation in the upper part of the body and stimulate lymphatic flow, which speeds up the removal of toxins and prevents fluid retention. Besides being a great way to relax, massage chairs have numerous health benefits.

While it’s essential to avoid hot massages during pregnancy, it’s safe to use massage chairs. Unlike hot tubs, they don’t raise your body temperature. Make sure the chair you buy is gentle on your legs as they are prone to blood clots. Likewise, make sure the massage chair during pregnancy doesn’t have heat modules because this will increase the risk of heat-related problems.

When Should I Avoid Using a Massage Chair During Pregnancy?

So you might have think that are massage chairs ok during pregnancy? Using a massage chair is safe during pregnancy, but a few things to keep in mind. These chairs can make you feel uncomfortable, but they don’t cause any pain. The vibrations from a massage chair are mild and similar to walking. It’s not recommended that women use a massage chair in pregnancy massage chair during the first trimester when their bodies change the most, and the risk of miscarriage is the highest.

Although massage chairs are safe for most women, pregnant women who have problems with their bodies should consult with a health care professional before using one. It’s best to go to a reputable spa or visit a reputed massage parlor for a massage, which will benefit both you and your unborn child. You can also use electric blankets, Spanx, or an electric blanket while you’re pregnant to pamper your body.

Recommendations for Best Massage Chair for Pregnant Woman

So if you are still here, you are ready to buy one massage machine; below are the 3 massage chair for pregnant woman which I found these massage chairs after deep research, which are suitable for women under pregnancy.

Osaki OS-3D Pro Dreamer D Modes Massage Chair

  • 6 Unique Massage Styles
  • Waist Airbag Squeeze
  • Lower & Lumbar Back Heating
  • Upper Shoulder Massage
  • Foot & Calf Airbag Massage

In this product review, we’ll take a look at the Osaki OS-3D Pro Dreamer D modes massage chair. It has five levels of intensity and kneading, which means you can customize your experience to suit your needs. This chair can help you lose weight and fall asleep faster thanks to its five varying kneading and shiatsu massage modes.

The OS-3D Pro Dreamer has an airbag system that firmly grasps the calves and pulls the legs down, while the foot ottoman slowly extends forward and draws the legs down. This model is customizable and can be used for five to 30 minutes. The massage chair’s blue ambient lights provide a chromo-therapeutic environment. The Osaki OS-3D Pro Dreamer comes with a 3.5mm aux jack and speakers. The music in this chair is high-quality and has various options.

Osaki’s OS-3D Pro Dreamer D modes massage chair has a complete body scanning system that accurately targets the aching parts of your body. The model accommodates both tall and short users. It has eight different massage programs with varying speeds and intensities. It is easy to clean and has a PU covering. The Osaki OS-3D Pro Dreamer D modes massage chairs have an iPod connection, making them ideal for anyone who enjoys listening to music while they relax.


  • It has a 3D roller which makes massaging so intriguing.
  • 2nd Gen S-Track arranges the spine effectively.


  • Price is relatively high.
  • Assembling the chair might be a bit stressful.

Luraco iRobotics 7 PLUS Medical Massage Chair

  • Touch-Screen Control
  • Human-Voice Command System
  • Noise Reduction Technology
  • Powerful Bluetooth Speakers
  • 6 Multi-Intensity Massage Controls
  • Developed & Assembled in USA.

In this Luraco iRobotics 7 Plus Medical Massage Chair review, we’ll go over the medicinal benefits of this massage chair. Its unique design is imported from Asia, making it affordable and safe for use. It uses the latest technology, using the same platform as smartphones. It even comes with 5 personal memory settings, which allow you to customize the settings to suit your specific needs.

Aside from being very comfortable, this massage chair also includes a heating system and soft fleece blanket to keep you warm. It’s also connected to wifi and has an integrated touchscreen control panel. Luraco iRobotics 7 allows you to adjust the various settings without lifting or moving the chair. As with any medical massage chair, you should check the manufacturer’s warranty and return policy before purchasing.

The Luraco iRobotics 7 Plus Medical massage chair has five intensity settings that can be adjusted to target specific body parts. It also has a voice response system and comes in 7 languages. This is an excellent feature if you are unsure about the controls or what they do. The Luraco iRobotics Massage Chair is the perfect solution for anyone looking for a high-quality massage chair.


  • It has a noise control technology that helps deliver a quiet massage session.
  • It has a maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds which is great.


  • It isn’t set at a low price.
  • It occupies a lot of space.

Real Relax Zero-Gravity Massage Chair

Best Massage Chairs For Pregnant Women
  • Zero-Gravity Design
  • Full Body Massage
  • Comes With Remote
  • Foot Massage
  • Back heating

This Real Relax zero-Gravity massage chair is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a chair that will give you a full-body massage. Its zero gravity design is both comfortable and relaxing, and its 50 airbags and 8 massage rollers will ensure that you’ll be relaxed and satisfied with the massage experience. This model also has built-in heaters, which is a nice bonus. It has all the features you would expect from a top-tier massage chair and is an excellent choice for most people, especially our expectant mothers.

The Real Relax chair’s Zero-Gravity feature helps improve blood circulation and repair any spinal problems. Its three levels of zero gravity are beneficial in relieving chronic aches and pains. The seat is also equipped with separate heating and cooling pads for feet. Its ergonomic design is ideal for back pain, and the heat and airbag massages help soothe sore muscles and soothe sore backs.

Aside from the Zero-Gravity massage function, the Real Relax zero-Gravity massage chair has other features like color-changing LED light strips and Bluetooth speakers. Aside from the chair’s ergonomic design also has a high-power motor and a silent air pump. The seat and back panels are made of high-quality foam, which will provide a comfortable and soothing experience.


  • Somewhat affordable
  • It Has specially designed foot-rollers and extendable footrests for taller users.


  • It doesn’t give the ability to create customized massage programs.
  • This massage chair is delivered in two separate boxes. This gives the need for assembling, which is somewhat stressful.


Pregnancy is always a demanding period in any woman’s life. Guess the men also go through the skirmish. In all these, you may be wondering, “do I need to use a massage chair?” Well, the answer lies in your hands, but mind you, do not try this in your first 3-4months before you make that little giant in you misbehave. Before I go, make sure you always seek medical counsel as this period needs to be handled cautiously.

Note that all the Best massage chair for pregnant woman listed here can be purchased on Amazon.com. Get massaged today, but be cautious while you do so.

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